Visit of Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform to University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla


      The visit of the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform accompanied by the civil and military state authorities

      and members of Parliament, came to find out the process of joining the training to obtain a specialized medical doctorate,

      which is being held at the Faculty of Medicine at the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla for general practitioners working

      in the public health sector of the Greater South.

      He was received by Prof. Mohamed Taher Helilat, President of the University, Pedagogical and Administrative Staff, Dean of

      the Faculty of Medicine at the University, Prof. Abd El-Majeed Chehma and members of the National Committee to Supervise

      the Competition for the Composition of the Specialized Medical Doctorate, headed by the Chairman of the Committee Prof.

      Barbar Nassib, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, َAboubakour University in Tlemcen, where The Minister of Health, Population

      and Hospital Reform had a meeting with the doctors who were nominated. See the content of this process items that are

      specially prepared to eliminate progressively the necessary needs in the medical specialties of the health sector on the

      Great South level, where Mr. minister said the open disciplines through this competition, which does not differ from the normal

      national competition for physicians resident normally hold them periodically, are as follows:

             1 / Specialization of gynecology 04 positions per state,

             2 / Pediatrics specialty 04 positions per state,

             3 / Internal medicine specialization 02 positions for each state,

             4 / Radiography 02 positions for each state,

             5 / General Surgery 02 positions for each state,

             6 / Orthopedics and Trauma 02 positions for each state,

             7 / Pediatric surgery 02 positions per state,

             8 / Medical anesthesia and resuscitation 04 positions for each state.

      Through this, each state involved in this process will benefit 22 specialized physicians, bringing the total number of

      open positions for this competition to 198 positions, provided by 450 general practitioners from the different states

      of nine (9) states: Tindouf, Adrar, Tamanrasset, Illizi, Ouargla, Biskra, El Oued, Bashar, Ghardaia, followed by a press

      conference in which the Minister answered questions and concerns of journalists about this process.

     The Minister and his accompanying delegation also had a field visit to the various facilities and laboratories of the Faculty

      of Medicine at the University of Kasidi Merbah and Ouargla, most notably the Laboratory of Immunology, where he

      listened to explanations about the laboratory's work in the field by the supervising professor as well as some students

      of the Faculty of Medicine.

      The Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform was also given a signal to start the competition by attending

      the opening of the competition in one of the halls of the examination center, wishing the occasion success for all.


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