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The first national forum organized by the Kassadi University of Mirbah and Ouargla, and the Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research

The subject of training and agricultural research in Algeria is considered to be the subject of the first national forum organized by the University of Kassadi Merbah and Ouargla, and the Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research during the days of 26 and 27 November 2019 at the National Institute specialized in vocational training, Markhovi Hussein, in the mandate of the administrative province of Tekrit, and this was attended by the governor of the mandated state and the director of the Kassadi University Profitable Prof. Mohamed El-Taher Halilat, the civil and military authorities and the local elected, as well as the participating professors from all over the country. The meeting also includes a large number of agricultural entrepreneurs who have agricultural expertise to talk about his experience Personal.

The forum seeks to assess the status of agricultural training and research and to highlight the relationship that arises between research and training and field activity, and to address several topics related to the subject such as agricultural production, farm protection, agricultural irrigation, and the management of spaces designated for agriculture and animal production, especially in desert areas in particular.

So that the forum, which is considered the fruit of the agreement concluded between the University of Kassadi Merbah and Ouargla, and the Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research aims to:

- Analysis of the status of research and training in agricultural sciences
- Exchanging ideas, experiences and perspectives between researchers, scientists and specialists in the field of agricultural training and research by providing their lectures and scientific experiences and participating with professionals and farmers to support them and find solutions to their problems and constraints in their agricultural areas.
To draw up a future strategy that takes into account the developments in the reality that we live socially, economically and technologically.
- Valuing the results of research and developing training in agricultural sciences through the advancement of agricultural extension.

On the sidelines of the forum’s works, he organized an agricultural exhibition inaugurated by Mr alderman to arrive and tour his corners so that it deals with agricultural and agricultural activities and the most important crops of great popularity such as dates of all kinds and successful experiences in planting some vegetables and fruits and raising animals in the region from sheep and cows to aquaculture.

The forum participants had several field visits to agricultural centres, institutes and farms, the most prominent of which was a visit to the Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research INRAA in the suburbs of Touggourt, and they received a beautiful reception worthy of their place and they were able to know the institute and its activity through a welcoming introductory speech to the institute director and then visit the laboratories and receive explanations about laboratory experiences that help and contribute In developing local agriculture, it was also followed by a visit to the institute of the model farm to impress everyone with its quality products and modern methods.
In conclusion, INRAA officials considered organizing symbolic honours for several tribes and dedicated themselves to serving and developing local agriculture.

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