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Salon of work, contracting and international mobility



Kassadi University Murbah and Ouargla organize the Salon of Work, Contracting and International Mobility in its seventh edition (07) on 17 and 18 February 2020 in the lobby of the College of Hydrocarbons, Renewable Energies, Earth Sciences and the Universe with the participation of economic and public and private institutions and companies that allow them to directly contact students and researchers, and this gives them the creation of competencies of resources Humanity and collecting CVs to ensure proper employment, as well as to find solutions to problems through graduation notes, as well as for the promotion of entrepreneurial thought in the university environment and create a spirit of initiative for the student to adopt projects and create enterprises. As for the international dynamism in this salon, by giving students an idea about the agreements concluded between the University of Kassadi Merbah and the international centers and universities through which they can benefit from training and scholarships abroad to complete their studies and conduct their research. Through these demonstrations, the university seeks to produce qualified students who serve the country and contribute to its development.



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