SCOPUS : Congratulations and wishes to all colleagues

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SCOPUS : Congratulations and wishes to all colleagues
05 new publications SCOPUS (Alert was sent on 
28 Jan 2019) :

1. A Preliminary study of relationships between thermal conductivity and petrophysical parameters in Hamra Quartzites reservoir, Hassi Messaoud field (Algeria)
 Ali Zerrouki, A., Geraud, Y., Diraison, M., Baddari, K.        2019        Journal of African Earth Sciences, 151, pp. 461-471.


2. An efficient fuzzy logic-based and bio-inspired QoS-compliant routing scheme for VANET        El Amine Fekair, M., Lakas, A., Korichi, A., Lagraa, N.        2019
 International Journal of Embedded Systems, 11(1), pp. 46-59.


3. Vanadium-catalyzed extractive oxidesulfurization of commercial diesel in ionic liquid with combined oxidizing agents        Benmabrouka, H., Mesdour, S., Boufades, D.,
 (...), Tliba, L., Hamada, B.        2019        Petroleum Science and Technology.


4. Path integral approach for Stark broadening of Lyman lines in hydrogen plasma        Bedida, N., Difallah, M., Meftah, M.T., Reinholz, H., Röpke, G.        2019
 Contributions to Plasma Physics, 59(1), pp. 63-71.


 5. Fuzzy Clustering for Misbehaviour Detection in VANET        Amirat, H., Lagraa, N., Kerrach, C.A., Ouinten, Y.        2018
 2018 International Conference on Smart Communications in Network Technologies, SaCoNeT 2018, art. no. 8585454, pp. 200-204.

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