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We conclude to the knowledge of all PhD students who wish to transfer to the University of Ouargla, that the process was determined by the period:

                       From 15 September 2019 to 15 October 2019

Applications shall be filed according to a form (to be uploaded from the university website) to the post-graduate and specialized post-graduate training department at the university directorate:

                            1- PhD certificates in succession and without interruption, and without exceeding the sixth registration.

                            2 - Report of the supervisor of the thesis with the rate of progress in the research.

                            3- A copy of the preliminary draft of the thesis (research problem).

                            4- Birth certificate.

                            5- A copy of the baccalaureate certificate.

                            6 - A copy of the certificate of graduation (Bachelor / Graduate / Engineer).

                            7- A copy of the master's degree.

                            8- Any document justifying the transfer request.

        Note: Any incomplete application will be rejected or filed outside the above deadlines.

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