The Hydrocarbons Science Club receives its award in Germany

*The Scientific Club for Hydrocarbons receives its prize which it won in Germany*

The Scientific Club for Hydrocarbons, Geology and Renewable Energies at the Faculty of Hydrocarbons of Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla received its prize, which it won with 12 institutions of higher education and scientific research participating among 400 scientific clubs at the international level who participated in the International Competition Award organized by the World Association of Petroleum Engineers in Germany in June 2019,

The award was received by the representative of the Faculty of Hydrocarbons and the coordinator of the work that the club participated in this competition, Dr. Labtahi Abd-elHamid, Germany, in a ceremony held in honor of the winners of this award, which included the Scientific Club of Hydrocarbons, Geology and Renewable Energy at the college, where everyone celebrated this coronation at the Dean's office. Prof. Dr. Abd-elMajeed Dubai Dean of the Faculty of Hydrocarbons and Renewable Energies and Earth Sciences and the Universe.

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