The National Forum on Linguistic Blogs: Foundations of Collection and Analysis

The Linguistic Research Unit and the Arabic Language Issues in Algeria at the University of Kasidi Merbah and Ouargla organized the first National Forum on `` Linguistic Codes of Foundations of Collection and Analysis Mechanisms '' on 22 and 23 October 2019 at the Conference Hall of the University Pole 02. Dr Othman Beriha, professors from various universities and national institutes, as well as PhD students and other students of Arabic language and literature.


The forum deals with the concept of linguistic codes, the methods of their creation, and their characteristics, as well as the experiences of advanced scientists in the preservation of their linguistic wealth, and the development of this field of knowledge among Westerners, and reveal their experiences in the conservation of blogs, and then touched on the mechanisms of analysis of linguistic codes, and the prospects for the computing of linguistic codes and ways to benefit from them.


The forum aims to reach and achieve basic objectives, including :


- Contribute to the development of the Arabic language, and the computerization of its blogs in order to promote it to the ranks of other living languages blogs, and to preserve its rightful place among the living languages.


- Definition of linguistic codes, and the basis of their collection, and mechanisms of analysis, and ways to benefit from them in Arab research and studies _ especially _


- Identify experiences and studies conducted on Arab blogs.


- To uncover the reality of linguistic blogs, and the prospects of researching them, and try to find out ways to develop them and adapt them to what is required in this era in the field of informatics.


- Seeking to benefit and exchange knowledge and expertise among researchers in this field.



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