National Forum on Agricultural Research and Training in Algeria


    The subject of training and agricultural research in Algeria is the subject of the first national

     forum organized by the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla and the Algerian National Institute

     for Agricultural Research during the 26 and 27 November 2019 at the National Institute for

     Vocational Training, Mr. Markhofi Hussein in the Mandate of the Administrative Province of

     Touggourt, in the presence of the Governor of the Mandated Province and the Rector of

     University Kasdi Merbah, the civil and military authorities, the local electors, as well as the

     participating professors from all over the country.

     The Forum seeks to assess the status of agricultural training and research and to highlight

     the relationship that arises between research, training and field activity, and address several

     related topics such as agricultural production, protection of farms, agricultural irrigation and

     the management of spaces allocated for agriculture and animal production, especially in desert

     areas in particular.

     The aim of the Forum, which is the fruit of the agreement concluded between the University Kasdi

      Merbah Ouargla and the Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research:

         - Analysis of the status of research and training in agricultural sciences.

         - Exchange of ideas, experiences and perspectives between researchers, scientists and

           specialists in the field of training and agricultural research by providing their lectures

           and scientific experiences and participation with professionals and peasants to support

           them and find solutions to their problems and constraints in their agricultural fields.

         - Formulate a future strategy that takes into account the developments of the reality we

            live socially, economically and technology.

         - Valuation of research results and development of training in agricultural sciences through

            the promotion of agricultural extension.





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