University Experts Committee Meeting

On the morning of December 11, 2019, the coordination meeting of the Committee of Experts of the University of Kassadi Murbah and Ouargla was held in the University Directorate, in the presence of the Director, Professor Muhammad Al-Taher Halilat, his deputies and the expert experts members of the committee for reference. The university and this committee emerged from the meeting of the university’s scientific council at its extraordinary session with the establishment of this committee.

The university aims, through this committee of experts, to achieve basic and important goals, which we mention as follows:

- To raise the university’s rank among universities at the national and international levels.
- Raise the readability of the university and improve its reputation.
- Eliminating conflicts of opinions and interpretations in some cases.
- Standardization of management style, conditions for publication and discussion of thesis and qualification.
- Standardization of forms and documents, especially the body that issues them.
- Unifying the legal aspect of handling files.
- Standardizing the work systems of scientific bodies as well as their powers.

Where the committee holds periodic meetings, standing up and tackling several basic points. In its previous meeting, it was touched upon: classification of scientific journals and publication of articles regarding discussion and university qualification - the internal system of laboratories - setting standards for scientific and cultural demonstrations provided by researchers and students as citations.

As for her meeting today, she addressed several important issues at the university, namely: scientific thefts and how to address this phenomenon - texts organizing training in the third phase - the value of scientific research.




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