A study day on wetlands and biodiversity

A study day on wetlands and biodiversity


To commemorate the World Wetlands Day, which falls on February 02 of each year, which carries the slogan

"Wetlands and Biodiversity". The theme for this year was chosen to highlight the importance of biological diversity,

which is the basis of life and basic services provided by ecosystems, especially the livelihoods of people and

development. Sustainable sectors in all sectors of activity, such as the economic sectors, such as agriculture,

forestry, fishing and tourism.


 The newly created green hands club for the faculty of natural sciences and life, in coordination with the forestry

governorate, is celebrating a study day on wet areas and biological diversity at the University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla

on February 2, 2020, so that it deals with lectures and discussions between professors and researchers in the field of

wet areas in addition to this field visits to many Humid areas nationwide and beyond.



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