Training course for a twinning project between Algeria and Spain

The University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla organized a training course for a twinning project

between Algeria and Spain, which is part of the partnership and cooperation in the field of

higher education and scientific research between the two countries under the auspices of

the European Union, a project that has benefited some universities and research centers.

Al Wataniya, which lasted for 30 months, began work in July with the formation of the two

components and an expert visit to the universities concerned. The project aims to support

the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance the pedagogical

competencies of research professors and the administrative competencies of the facilitators

and also seeks to modernize the methods used in teaching at the university and keep up with

the current modern methods and the possibility of reviewing training offers in education higher

and improved.


In this way, the officials of The University of Kasdi Merbah Ouagla consider it a project that

falls within the preparation and crystallization of the project of the foundation and among its

objectives related to the pedagogical aspect the continuous training to raise the training

competence of the university professor using modern technological media and increase the

interactive relationship between the student and the training team.


Professors and researchers from various colleges and institutes of the university participated

in the training session in two consecutive sessions:


        The first: from 22 to 25 January 2020

        Second: on 05 February 2020


And it extends over 4 consecutive days, and then periodic courses at the level of colleges

and institutes.




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