04 publication in SCOPUS (27 Jan 2020):



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04 Publications in SCOPUS (27 Jan 2020):

   1. Finite element approximation of a prestressed shell model  Rezzag Bara, R., Nicaise, S., Merabet, I. 2020 Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences.

   2. Performance comparison with different methods for ethanol/O2 biofuel cell based on NAD+ cofactor immobilized  and activated by two types of carbon nanoparticles Selloum, D., Techer, V., Henni, A., (...), Cretin, M., Innocent, C. 2020 Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry.

   3. A novel improved variable-step-size P&O MPPT method and effective supervisory controller to extend optimal energy  management in hybrid wind turbine Meghni, B., Ouada, M., Saad, S. 2020 Electrical Engineering.

   4. Spatiotemporal evolution of land surface temperature of Lake Oubeira catchment, northeastern Algeria Rezzag Bara, C., Djidel, M., Medjani, F., Labar, S.  2019 Journal of Water and Land Development, 43(1), pp. 151-157.

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