Meeting of the Dean of the College of Economics, Business and Management Sciences with heads of branches of accredited student organizations


The date of February 18, 2020, at two thirty in the afternoon, the Dean of the College of

Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences met with the heads of branches of

accredited student organizations in the presence of the Dean’s deputies, the Secretary General

and the heads of departments.


During this periodic meeting, pedagogical concerns raised by students ’representatives were

discussed, especially :


1- The evaluation of the first hexagon: lessons and completed work directed, deficiency

in framing mathematics metrics, English, automated media ... etc.

2- First semester exams: results of continuous evaluation, rating scale, model answers,

examination examination papers, appeals ... etc.

3- Predictive deliberations and exams: deliberations according to the Progress system,

announcing the results, programming of the remedial exams, etc.

4- Administrative concerns: receiving the administrative staff, obtaining information

from official sources, students ’rights and duties, directing students towards the people

and specialties, the administrative burden in the departments… etc.

5- Sporadic preoccupations: security, ocean hygiene, student awareness, scientific

and cultural activities.



Where the response was made by the administrative staff to the concerns raised and listening

to a number of suggestions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of pedagogical activities and

good management of the relationship between management, teachers, students, and it was agreed

on the date of the next periodic meeting, which was scheduled for Tuesday, 14 April 2020.

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