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list of student announcements (31)


Application for training in the AFEQ program on the promotion of scientific research:


As part of the AFEQ program, project leaders and research professors from the University of Ouargla are supported to develop and strengthen their capacities / skills in terms of innovation and the promotion of research in order to create their activities. The courses are:


1. Realization of sector studies and business plans
2. Soft skills
3. Communication and marketing techniques
4. Public Private Partnership and Fundraising



The form intended for the students of your faculties (Master / Doctorate) and teacher-researchers in order to organize this session as well as possible ( attention: the number of places are limited 15 to 20 ): click here






Practical internships in a professional environment (License - Master - Doctorate)



Practical internships in a professional environment (License - Master - Doctorate): 



For better support of practical internships in a professional environment

(License - Master - Doctorate), below a form for students

of your faculties in order to best organize internship services.



The link (exact):  Click here






The University of May 8, 1945, Guelma, is organizing the first national edition of the


"My thesis in 180 seconds" competition to be held on April 15, 2020.


This competition is intended for doctoral students from all Algerian universities.


It offers a unique opportunity for participants to reveal their communication and


extension skills, while giving them the opportunity to disseminate their research


theme to a large audience. A multidisciplinary jury made up of university teachers


and actors from the socio-economic world will choose the best presentations.


Prizes will be issued to the first 03 winners.



For more information on how to participate, please visit the competition website:


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