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05 new publications SCOPUS (Alert was sent on 25 Feb 2019) :


1.Antioxidant, tyrosinase and urease inhibitory activities of camel αS-casein and its hydrolysate  fractions Addar, L., Bensouici, C., Si Ahmed Zennia, S., Boudjenah Haroun, S., Mati, A. 2019 Small Ruminant Research, 173, pp. 30-35.


2.Intelligent context-awareness system for energy efficiency in smart building based on ontology Degha, H.E., Laallam, F.Z., Said, B.        2019        Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems,21, pp. 212-233.


 3.Performance assessment of nitrogen pollution purification by phytodepuration: case of Temacine  pilot station (Algeria)        Hammadi, B., Hadj Seyd, A., Bebba, A.A. 2019 International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.


4.Onto-SB: Human Profile Ontology for Energy Efficiency in Smart BuildingDegha, H.E., Zohra Laallam, F., Said, B., Saba, D.  2018Proceedings - PAIS 2018: International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent  Systems, art. no. 8598509.


5.2D and 3D Palmprint Recognition using Deep Learning Method   Samai, D., Bensid, K., Meraoumia, A., Taleb-Ahmed, A., Bedda, M.  2018        Proceedings - PAIS 2018: International Conference on Pattern Analysis   and Intelligent Systems, art. no. 8598522.

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