SCOPUS : 04 publication in SCOPUS 17 Jun 2019

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SCOPUS : Congratulations and wishes to ours colleagues
04 publication in SCOPUS (17 Jun 2019):

   1. GIS-based method for future prospect of energy supply in Algerian road transport sector using solar roads technology
      Settou, B., Settou, N., Gouareh, A., (...), Mokhtara, C., Messaoudi, D.        2019        Energy Procedia, 162, pp. 221-230.

   2. Pathways to plus-energy buildings in Algeria: Design optimization method based on GIS and multi-criteria decision-making
      Mokhtara, C., Negrou, B., Settou, N., Gouareh, A., Settou, B.        2019        Energy Procedia, 162, pp. 171-180.

   3. Stability of a nonlinear viscoelastic problem governed by Lamé Operator
      Mabrouk, M., Nore, K.A.        2019        Springer Proceedings in Complexity, pp. 189-194.

   4. Site selection methodology for the wind-powered hydrogen refueling station based on AHP-GIS in Adrar, Algeria
      Messaoudi, D., Settou, N., Negrou, B., (...), Settou, B., Mayou, I.        2019        Energy Procedia, 162, pp. 67-76.

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