SCOPUS : 03 publication in SCOPUS 26 Aug 2019

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SCOPUS : Congratulations and wishes to ours colleagues
03 publication in SCOPUS (26 Aug 2019):
      1. A new approach for optimizing management of a real time solar charger using the firebase platform under android
         Rezoug, M.R., Chenni, R., Taibi, D.        2019
         Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications, 9(3), art. no. 23.

      2. Coupled oscillators in non-commutative phase space: Path integral approach
         Khiari, L., Boudjedaa, T., Makhlouf, A., Meftah, M.T.        2019
         European Physical Journal Plus, 134(8), art. no. 396.

      3. Simulation of the electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the overhead power transmission line
         Ayad, A.N.E.I., Krika, W., Boudjella, H., Benhamida, F., Horch, A.        2019
         European Journal of Electrical Engineering, 21(1), pp. 49-53.

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