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mohamed taher helilat

Word From the Rector

Every academic year and according to the scientific and social news, the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla sets itself a challenge: this year that of intellectual honesty returns to the front of the institutional scene. Plagiarism uses the correct writing practices of teacher-researchers and their students taken in the logic of "added intellectual value" .To remedy this, a double solution: tutoring and accompanimenting the point of view of insurance -quality.Our institution devotes all its potentialities: Pedagogy, Research and Cooperation work in the direction of prevention before the sanction.

  The University has a vital role to play in upholding the values ​​that underlie education and research. This is why the University Kasdi Merbah Ouargla complies with its offers of Bachelor, harmonizes its offers of Master, enriches its offers of Doctorate. These achievements give it more autonomy in the realization of its plan of sustainable development; it is thus building a capital and a human resource to its measure. In response to the multiple expectations of its region and its specificity, our establishment supports its hydrocarbon and agricultural Saharan sectors that support its academic research laboratories. Our teacher-researchers and our students share the ambition to succeed; they are progressing in their publications, quantity and quality are more sensitive.

 To do this, we have the duty to encourage them; our desire is to push them to act as elite in Algerian society including the need to change mentalities through the production of new knowledge and new knowledge. This is another challenge that we face together! Congratulations and good recovery!


                                                                                                           The Rector  Prof Mohamed Taher Helilat