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Vice-Rector of Higher Education, 1st and 2nd cycles, Continuing Education and Diplomas, and Higher Graduation Training


Vice-Rector: Pr. Abdelfatah ABIMOULOUD [CV]
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Location: Rectorate Block
Tel (STD): 00 (213) 29 71 19 02 extension 107  Tel: 00 213 29 71 17 14
Fax: 00 213 29 71 17 14



The Vice Rectorate is created by executive decree n°13-100 of 2nd Joumada El Oula 1434 corresponding to March 14, 2013 amending and supplementing the executive decree n° 01-210 of 2 Joumada El Oula 1422 corresponding to July 23rd, 2001 for the establishment of the University of Ouargla, and is responsible for

      1.Monitoring issues relating to the running of courses and internships organised by the university.

                        2.Ensuring the coherence of the training offers submitted by the faculties and institutes in accordance with the university's development plan.

      3.Ensuring compliance to the regulations in force concerning enrolment and pgraduation of undergraduate and graduate students.

                       4.Monitoring distance learning activities and promote those of continuing education at the university.

  1. Ensuring compliance with the regulations and procedures in force related to the issuing of diplomas and diploma-equivalences

                         6.Maintaining and updating the student roster.

      7.Monitoring the functioning of the university's pedagogical council and keeping records of it.

                          8.Monitoring the functioning of the university's tutoring committee and keeping records of it.

      9.- Monitoring the functioning of the university's scientific council and keeping records of it.

It is composed of the following departments:

                                1- The department of teaching, internships and evaluation.

                               2.The Diploma and Diplomas-Equivalence Department.

                               3.The Continuing Education Department.